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In moist eczema commonly called hot spots and sometimes weeping mange we see a red and angry pustular-looking area which can arise in hours. It itches terribly, and the dog licks it if he can reach it, or scratches it, and he spreads it quickly and furiously all over his body. To relieve this condition we give the dog tranquilizers or sedatives, and we use cortisone preparations and soothing healing ointments on the eczema. A good drying powder, such as BFI, is also soothing and helpful. If possible it is wise to bandage the affected area; keeping the animal’s tongue and paws away from the infection is half the battle. (See the end of this chapter for suggestions on bandaging.)

In dry eczema the skin is dry and scaly in appearance. As in moist eczema, it is usually itchy, and the same treatment is prescribed, including bandaging to allay any chances of secondary infection. Something oily like lanolin or baby oil rubbed on the skin will relieve the itchiness, but the origin must be found.

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