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Map of vegas hotels on Further· .. more, he possesses the mysterious power of shaping sorne particular material until it has become a faithful image of his phantasy; and he knows, moreover, how to link so large a yield of pleasure to this representation of his unconscious phantasy that, for the time being at least, repressions are outweighed and lifted by it. Hhe is able to accomplish aIl this, he makes it possible for other people once more to derive consolation and alleviation from their own sources of pleasure in their unconscious which have become inaccessible to them; he earns their gratitude and admiration and he has thus achieved through his phantasy what originally he had achieved only in his phantasy-honour, power and the love ofwomen.9 This matches so exactly Trollope’s own self.-analysis (with the exception, of course, of the references to the unc:onscious and to prohibited sources) 34 Last Chronide of Barset as a Model ofVictorian Community www.ebook3000. Map of vegas hotels 2016.

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