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Map of Vancouver Tourist on That technically invalidated the short below bar 14; the second break, below bar 1 5 , showed prove of bearish persistence, but did not set up as a conservative wager either (danger of contrarian opposition in support of the 1 2 – 1 3 block) . Tricky also was the pending US Open at 1 5 : 30. Figure 8.8 Session overview: Bearish dominance throughout. All the bulls could bring to the table in this session was to hammer in a couple of pullbacks before taking yet another beating. In a newly established trend, the first retracement to the 25ema is always worthy of attention (pullback reversal candidate). Points o f interest: Whenever prices travel from one round number to the next relatively uncontested ( 1 -3), a pullback reversal setup halfway these two levels comes with an added bonus: a favorable magnet. Map of Vancouver Tourist 2016.

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