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Federal District. LANGUAGE: Span ish is the official language, but the tourist will have no trouble getting along in English; all the stores and hotels have English-speaking employees. LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING: Better hotels have their own plants and offer both special 24-hour service. There are other good plants throughout the city. Service outside the bigger cities is not recommended. Prices are about the same as the United States. LIQUOR: Tequ ila and pulque are native drinks. Tequila, distilled mainly in Jalisco, is potent. Tourists should be cautious. Pulque is also potent and takes getting used to. Mezcal is still another native potion which is far from mild. Mexican beer is famous; Bohemia, Carta Blanca, XX and Corona are all good. Imported whiskies and brandies of nearly every brand are available but more expensive than in the United States. Native products are low in price. MEDICAL FACILITIES: English-speaking and American-trained doctors and dentists available, often as staff physicians in the best hotels. In Mexico City there is an American-British hospital (Calz. M. Escobedo 628), a French hospital and many Mexican institutions. If you need a doctor, consult your hotel or call the American hospital and ask them to recommend one. MOTION PICTURES: Mexican movie industry makes its own pictures. Hollywood and British films are usually shown with English sound, plus dubbed-in Spanish text. French and Italian movies are popular. MUSIC: The concert season is July and August. Most popular symphony orchestra is conducted by Carlos Chavez. In Mexico City concerts are held in the Fine Arts Palace. Orchestras of the National Conservatory of Music and National University give concerts throughout the year. There are also native mariachi bands, whose music is famous throughout the country. NIGHT CLUBS AND CABARETS: There are numerous clubs; among them are Capri, Juarez 77, good dancing and floor show; El Patio, Atenas No. 9, Latin American floor show; the new Jacaranda, Genova St. No. 54, the Chanteclair in the Hotel Reforma and the Versailles in the Hotel Del Prado are all excellent. Most of the top hotels have night clubs. For colorful, out-of-the-way spots, take a guide along with you. Don’t try to experiment on your own. PHOTOGRAPHY: All kinds of photography equipment is readily available in Mexico. Prices are lower than in the United States on most articles. Cameras are considerably lower in price. Color film may now be developed in Mexico, time about the same as the United States. American Photo Supply, Av. Madero 21; Foto Regis, Av. Juarez 80; Foto Rudiger, V. Carranza 11 are good places for equipment or film work. RELIGION: Mexico is a Catholic country. Some of the cathedrals are world famous and should be visited. Services in English are held at Christ Church Episcopal, Articulo 123 #134; Union Evangelical Church, Reforma 1870; Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Palmas 1910; St. Patrick’s Church (Catholic), Bondojito 248, Col. Tacubaya; First Church of Christ Scientist, #21 Dante, Col. Anzures. RESTAURANTS:

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