Map of Turcianske Teplice

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Primarily the dog is a carnivorous animal, and in the wild state he not only eats meat but eats the entire animal. In devouring the whole prey he is assured a well-balanced diet, with muscle and organ foods and roughage.

Today’s house pet has little need or urge to roam for his food, and any nutritional deficiencies are our fault, not his.

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Actors and scriptwriters wandered through, wrapped in insincerity. They were good company although they could turn waspish at any perceived slight. We would sometimes see a half-famous person, and others we almost recognised from a television event, on their way to becoming half-famous. On occasions we would go to Leicester Square and try to pick up European girls on holiday, with offers to show them the town. More often than not we failed to impress, although we sometimes struck lucky.

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