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Map of Tumut on According to friends, however, Sebring continued to love Tate and there is strong reason to believe they would have eventually reunited had they not been murdered. In the swinging London mod scene of the mid?1960s, Polanski and Tate became the couple to have at a party. Both consumed copious amounts of drugs and Tate soon painfully realized that if she expected fidelity from her philandering husband she would be serially disappointed. In late 1966?early 1967, the offer of a comedic role in the Tony Curtis vehicle, Don’t Make Waves, necessitated Tate’s return to Los Angeles. Polanski, signed to direct Rosemary’s Baby, accompanied her to Hollywood where the couple set up house and became fixtures in the trendy clubs on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. Professionally, 1967 offered great promise for Sharon Tate. She was prominently featured in the media ads for Don’t Make Waves, but her role as Malibu, Queen of the Surfers was received with mixed critical reviews. Map of Tumut 2016.

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