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Ringworm is a skin disorder caused by a fungus infection which involves the hair and hair follicles. It is contagious to other dogs, cats, and human beings.

Its appearance is indicated by ring-shaped, usually red-colored patches covered with scales. In some cases the red patches form honeycomb-like crusts over the hair roots and give off a distinctly moldy odor. When it affects the feet, it is called athlete’s foot.

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Those who aspired to work on the bridge and run the ship became deck cadets, those who worked down in the oily inferno of the engine room became engineer cadets. When I was at sea as a deck cadet in the early 1970s, not a lot had actually changed in the life of a cadet, though, when compared to the life of an apprentice; the pattern of work continued unbroken and we were still known as apes. The cadet was still rooted at the bottom of shipboard life, the lowest of the low, destined to do the jobs no ordinary crew member would ever be asked to do, and destined to go into disgusting shipboard places where few had gone before. The cadet’s position remained as it was before the change of name, which meant that he ranked somewhere between the most junior deckhand and a dog. It was only after the cadet had served his time and had gained a range of ancillary certificates that he would become eligible to sit his professional examinations, the passing of which would grant him access to the holy grail of officerhood.

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