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Map of Thylungra on As for Lily Dale’s sticking to her love for Adolphus Crosbie and refusing the patiently, or not so patiently, iterated proposaIs of Johnny Eames, Trollope himself is in An Autobiography far harder on Lily than l have been. He calls her a prig. This word suggests a fraudulent and deliberate pretense of virtue. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a prig as a person regarded as overprecise, affectedIy arrogant, smug, or narrow-minded. Who is Lily ta give herself such airs? She should take Johnny and be grateful. Far from being authentic, she is perhaps in her own way as bad as Madalina or as Mrs Dobbs Broughton, ne Maria Clutterbuck. Here is the way Trollope puts this: In the love with which she has been greeted, l have hardly joined with much enthusiasm, feeling that she is somewhat of a female prig. Map of Thylungra 2016.

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