Map of Terehova

Map of Terehova on This would be a virtually interminable task. My generalizations are therefore tentative, heuristic hypotheses, not proven laws. The Last Chronicle ofBarset has, it seems, three major plots, the story of Mr. Crawley and the stolen check for twenty pounds, the story of Grace Crawley’s courtship by Major Grantly, and the story of Lily Dale’s decision to become an old maid. The archdeacon’s story, however, might almost be described as another plot. Other subplots include the deaths ofMrs Proudie, the she-bishop, the death ofMr. Harding, and the stories ofJohnny Eames’s disreputable London acquaintances, the Dobbs Broughtons, the Demolines, and the Van Sievers. Map of Terehova 2016.

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