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arters of a mining district (silver, gold). Other leading industries are locomotive and rolling stock building, air-craft, shipbuilding, diesel engines, telephone equipment, meat packing, and textiles. Flour-mill-ing has been important ever since grain began to arrive from the prairies in the latter part of the 19th century. Transportation. Like most large urban centres on the N. American continent, Montreal is faced with acute traffic problems, congestion, rush-hour overcrowding and lack of parking space. An underground railway, such as that recently opened in Toronto, is being considered. Nevertheless, the Montreal trams stili serve the city well and, with the buses, carry 400 million passengers a year. The tramway system has 450 miles of rail and there are 1,000 electric trams and 500 buses operating on 92 routes. The fare is 12 cts. in cash or three tickets for 30 cents; after 1 a.m. there is a cash fare of 15 cts. and no tickets are

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