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sadist n. sadistic adj. sadness n. an emotional state of unhappiness, ranging in intensity from mild to extreme and usually aroused by the loss of something that is highly valued, for example, by the rupture or loss of a relationship. Persistent sadness is one of the two defining symptoms of a major depressive episode, the other being anhedonia. Map of Telok Intan 2016.

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The navigation strategy had been to set off towards her destination and then waylay every ship she came across on the voyage to beg a position, which would then allow her to set a new course until she came across another ship. This was generally because no one on board was capable of navigating once the ship was out of sight of land. The captain would sometimes have a reasonable idea, but not always. While these ships went along the coast, everything was fine, as they could follow the landmarks in the day and the lighthouses at night. But deep sea voyages meant tackling celestial navigation and the mysteries of the sextant, which was a step too far for many crews.

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