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Map of Tehran Tourist on Adult Video News, 13(7) ( July 1997):28. Gordon, Jim (M) Most likely to be remembered as the co-writer (with guitarist Eric Clapton) of Layla, the 1971 Derek and the Dominos hit, James Beck Gordon, the only living metronome, was one of the finest rock drummers of the 1960s and 1970s. Taking up drums when he was eight, a teenaged Gordon was already making a name for himself in 1961 playing clubs with a fake ID in Hollywood and West Los Angeles in the band Frankie Knight and the Jesters. Gordon turned down a music scholarship to UCLA to focus on studio work and quickly caught the eye of the bass player with the Everly Brothers. Gordon toured Europe with the group in 1963?1964 returning to Los Angeles to establish himself as the town’s most sought after session drummers. Over the next few years, the 6’3 musician with the All-American good looks earned top wages working in the studio with Bobby Darrin, Gordon Lightfoot, Glen Campbell, and the Righteous Brothers. Seemingly happy and successful, Gordon had suffered since early childhood with what doctors later diagnosed as acute paranoid schizophrenia. Map of Tehran Tourist 2016.

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