Map of Tarxien

Map of Tarxien on Tammany Parish officials revoked the liquor license of the Club Mercedes (closed since the slaying) blocking the site from reopening as a bar. The nightclub made news the next month after one of its owners, 29-year-old Dwight Guyot, was arrested on a federal drug charge. The government maintained that Guyot was the leader of the largest cocaine distribution ring in the history of St. Tammany Parish racking up monthly sales of more than a half million dollars. Meanwhile, the prosecution’s case against Mac, the Camoflage Assassin hit a snag. Witnesses to the shooting reported receiving phone calls threatening death if they testified against the rapper. Not surprisingly, many who received the calls welcomed possible jail time for contempt of court over the prospect of being murdered. Map of Tarxien 2016.

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