Map of Tarcoola

map – Minotaur SA Gold map showing Tunkillia.bmp

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Tarcoola Surf Forecast and Surf Reports (WA – North West, Australia)

Shaded Relief Map of Tarcoola

Political Map of Tarcoola

[my company] wanted me to work in Birmingham on a short secondment for six weeks … but it spun out for three years in fact and this actually presented an occasion for splitting without appearing to do so.

After Mr Roberts and his wife had discussed splitting up, he went to see his boss:

We had a southern office … I had a good boss and he sent me down to London for about nine months … although we separated officially between us-selves, if she hadn’t told anybody, as far as anybody knew I’d just gone down south to work. When I came home at weekends I slept in the back room and that was it.

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