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Map of Tabanovce on 1 still agree with what 1 said in my earlier essay about the way an adept reader creates his or her own mental version of Hardy’s topography. The words on the page become an interior space within which the action occurs before the mind’s eye, as an imaginary theater. That has happened to me again in re-reading the novel now. 1 was also right to see the main action as a dance of desire executed by the main protagonists as they approach and withdraw from one another in crisscross exchanges that are governed by that implacable law of Hardy’s fictional worlds: Love lives on propinquity, but dies of contact.16 Eustacia expresses that insight within The Return of the Native. In the height of her love for Clym and his for her, she nevertheless foresees the end of love: Yet 1 know that we shaH not love like this always. Nothing can ensure the continuance of love. Map of Tabanovce 2016.

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