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Map of Sydney Tourist on Shapiro began immediately earning his massive fee. Noting the millionaire’s son had not been informed by police that counsel could be provided him at no cost, Shapiro convinced the judge to toss out the confession his client had made shortly after police arrived on the scene and later reiterated under questioning at the station. As Shapiro worked behind the scenes to block the D.A.’s attempt to extradite Cheyenne to Los Angeles, the usually reclusive Marlon Brando took center stage with the media in support of his son. The first-degree murder case against Brando fell apart after the court ruled Cheyenne’s fragile mental condition precluded her from traveling to Los Angeles to offer testimony at her halfbrother’s trial. Shapiro negotiated a plea of voluntary manslaughter for Christian in January 1991 and during the subsequent sentencing hearing the prosecution pressed for the maximum 16 year sentence. Map of Sydney Tourist 2016.

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