Map of Stuttgart, Germany

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Map of Stuttgart, Germany on The situation reversed in the late 18th century when Belgium became the first continental European country to embrace the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. At first, Belgians did so by learning from the masters. In 1799, British industrial expert William Cockerill came to Belgium and developed a factory system that made use of their considerable coal reserves. Cockerill’s factory, which produced metals and machinery as well as textiles, was for a time the largest in the world. Belgians also hired George Stephenson, credited with developing the first steam locomotive in England, to help them create an efficient railway system. By the World War I, per capita industrial output in Belgium equaled Great Britain’s and Belgians were a leading world producer of steel. In the 20th century, Belgium has shown remarkable resilience to the ravages of war. Map of Stuttgart, Germany 2016.

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