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Map of Strathfield on The actress was already on the FBI grid because of her association with Sinatra and his connections with the Chicago Mafia which, many believe, manipulated the vote in Cook County to give Kennedy the win in the 1960 presidential election. The actress was ordered not to contact the president and, ac – cording to which writer one reads, Robert Ken – nedy was charged with explaining the situa tion to Monroe. According to various writers, Attorney General Robert Kennedy was either already sexually involved with the actress, or, became so during the process of disentangling his brother from the politically disastrous relationship. In any event, Monroe was devastated when she learned her association with the Kennedys was at an end. Again, accounts differ wildly, but Monroe alleg – edly intimated to friends (including Peter Law – ford) she planned to announce at an upcom ing press conference her amorous connection to the Kennedys. Conspiracy theorists point to the spurned star’s threatened act of retribution as one of the catalysts for her murder by elements within the government (C.I. Map of Strathfield 2016.

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