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Map of Stang on Trollope himself stresses this feature in a passage quoted earlier from An Autobiography. TI¼s temporal change happens as the characters and their relations to one another change, though graduaIly, to use one of Trollope’s favorite words. The narrator moves into one character’s mind, then back out again to report dialogue between two or more characters, then into the mind of a different character, then, eventuaIly, into the mind of the first character at a later, changed stage of his or her life. As was conventional for the Victorian novel, the text of The Last Chronicle is divided into chapters. Abrupt breaks often occur in the shift from one chapter to another. The narrator jumps from one time to another, across a temporal gap, or from one milieu within Barsetshire to another, or even out of Barsetshire into London. An example is the narration of Grace Crawley’s decision to leave Allington to go back home to help tend her sick father, at the end of Chapter 36 (”And then she went [364). Map of Stang 2016.

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