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Map of Springvale on The novel accurately represents the distinctions among various members of the clergy: prebends, perpetuaI curates, deans, archdeacons, and so on. It is widely assumed, in almost innumerable essays and books on Trollope, that his novels are more or less scrupulously accurate representations of the social structure-the laws, customs, and the ideologies of middle and upper class English men and women in the high Victorian period. This makes these novels models of community in the first of my senses. To see a novel as a model of community, may, however, have a second meaning. When Dickens speaks of old Mr. Turveydrop in Bleak House as a Mo deI of Deportment, he means not so much that he is a copy of sorne existing reality (though he models himself on the Prince Regent, a notorious dandy) as that he is someone to be imitated. To caH The Last Chronicle ofBarset a model of community in this second sense means not that it is an accurate representation of a pre-existing extra-litera l’y social reality but that it provides examples of ideal behavior to be imitated. Map of Springvale 2016.

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