Map of Spielfeld

Map of Spielfeld on Dreams of a movie career ended with minuscule parts in Firehouse (1987) and I’m Your Man (1992). Divorced, estranged from her parents, and no longer a member of Actors’ Equity, Stahl shifted her career focus to singing. She converted a room in her apartment five stories above the Carnegie Delicatessen in Midtown Manhattan into a sound proof recording studio and cut a CD as Calamity Jen that sold poorly in Japan. As her singing career tanked, Stahl expanded her pot dealing. Claiming to work for an R&B record company, the former dirty dancer sold high grade marijuana to a select clientele out of her apart – ment in a Donald Trump owned building at 854 Seventh Avenue. Inside her front door, a card – board sign listed prices for a half-dozen types of exotic grass selling from $300 to $600 an ounce. Stahl’s motto to her handpicked customers: Buy more, come less. Map of Spielfeld 2016.

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