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LIQUOR : South Africa makes good brandy, some good sweet wines and a fair sherry. The most popular drinks are beer, brandy an<$ whisky, which are lower priced than in the United States. The whis is Scotch; no bourbon is obtainable. South Africa has a local liqucS called Van der Hum, which is brandy-based and delicious. Note that women are not allowed in public bars they are welcome in private lounges in hotels. The bars are open from 10:00 A.M; to 11:00 p.m. daily except Sundays, when you can get a drink only! at your hotel._____________ MEDICAL FACILITIES:. There are excellent doctors and dentists. You may get free hospital treatment at any of the State « hospitals. But there is a charge for special medical treatment. The Johannesburg General Hospital is the largest of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. In Cape Town the Groote Schuur Hospital and in Durban the Addington Hospital are up to date and efficient. There are many private hospitals and nursing homes. MOTIQN PICTURES : There are many modern movie houses throughout the Union showing both British and American films anj also some Continental ones. In Johannesburg the largest are therr Colosseum in Commissioner Street, the Metro in Bree Street, ttjSa 20th Century in President Street, the Empire in Commissioner Street, and the Monte Carlo in Jeppe Street. These each seat about 3,000 people. In Cape Town the biggest are the Colosseum in St. George's Street, the Alhambra in Riebeeck Street, the Metro in St. George's Street, the Van Riebeeck in Long Street. Durban's largest are the Playhouse, the Metro, the 20th Century and the Alhambra all ffflj Smith Street. There are two performances daily at 2:15 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, three on Saturdays and none on Sundays. Seats may be reserved in advance. MUSIC : Most of the big cities have a municipal orchestra and concerts are held regularly. There are ballet and opera performances seasonally. Guest conductors, singers, instrumentalists and dancers visit the Union regularly from overseas. An Eisteddfod, or musical festival, is held annually in each province. In Johannesburg interested visitors are invited to contact the Johannesburg Musical Society (33-6819) and the Johannesburg Phil? harmonic Society (23-1038). mapsa

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Katherine Ellison’s recent blog, The Mommy Brain: How Motherhood Makes Us Smarter, describes the many positive changes mothers especially, but fathers and nonrelated caregivers experience in their personalities and behavior as a result of caring for children. Now I’m officially grown up. It’s kind of funny because I am a forty-year-old person who is just feeling grown up. For me, it’s being less caught up in myself, more unselfish, I don’t do everything I want to do all the time, and that’s changing and it’s okay. I used to resent that.

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