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Map of Sorrento on During these long hours in which he would sit speechless, doing nothing, he was telling himself from minute to minute that of aIl God’s creatures he was the most heavily afflicted, and was reveling in the sense of the injustice done to him. He was recalling aIl the facts of his life, his education, which had been costly, and, as regarded knowledge, successful, his vocation to the Church, when in his youth he had determined to devote himself to the service of his Savior, disregarding promotion or the favor of men; the short, sweet days ofhis early love, in which he had devoted himself again-thinking nothing of self: but everything of her; his diligent working, in which he had ever done his very utmost for the parish in which he was placed, and always his best for the poorest; the success of other men who had been his compeers, and, as he too often told himself, intellectually his inferiors, then of his children, who had been carried off from his love to the churchyard-over whose graves he himselfhad stood, reading out the pathetic words of the funeral service with unswerving voice and a bleeding he art; and then of his children still living, who loved their mother so much better than they loved him. And he would recall all the circumstances of his poverty-how he had been driven to accept alms, to fly from creditors, to hide himself: to see his chairs and tables seized before the eyes of those over whom he had been set as their spiritual pastor. And in it all, l think, there was nothing so bitter to the man as the derogation from the spiritual grandeur ofhis position as priest among men, which came as one necessary result from his poverty. St Paul could go forth without money in his purse or shoes to his feet or two suits to his back, and his poverty never stood in the way of his preaching, or hindered the veneration of the faithful. St Paul, indeed, was called upon to bear stripes, was flung into prison, encountered terrible dangers. But Mr Crawley-so he told himself-could have Last Chronicle ofBarset as a Model ofVictorian Community 59 encountered aIl that without flinching. Map of Sorrento 2016.

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