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At this point you can only perambulate and return at your leisure to the interiors. Continuing along the Cromwell Road, you have ample opportunity to contemplate the long long facade of the Natural History Museum, awesome, even if it cannot be said to relate very closely to the nature of its contents like a chateau in oddly ecclesiastical Romanesque of 1873 81 (by Waterhouse), massive, and with a dour repetition of round headed windows in tough mottled buff terra cotta with chill blue grey horizontal band. It is set back from the roar of thc Cromwell Road, and thc plane tree, almost as if moatcd. On thc other side of thc Cromwell Road the French Institute in very sleek contemporary brick.

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This area teems with the young, especially with art students from the Royal College, often very picturesque, and b agreeably polyglot (the bridgehead for the Continent, the West London Air Terminal, b a few hundred yards farther down the Cromwell Road, amidst a swarm of hoteb); French, however, sometimes seems predominant a.


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