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This recipe may be varied indefinitely. You could substitute dry toast for the dog biscuit. You could use kidney, liver, heart, shrimp, brains, or chicken gizzards in place of the lungs or fish or both.


travel with cats are not very efficient bone gnawers. Most travel with cats pick at a big bone and leave it. I never knew a cat that didn’t love

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Every lecturer had said the same thing: If you don’t know your collision regs off by heart, don’t even bother to turn up; you’ll fail. Good advice; I made sure I could spout off all twenty-nine rules word for word. Some of the rules were small, like Rule 19, although some were more than a page long. I knew that if I could put on a good show in collision regs I stood a decent chance of being forgiven some stumbles on cargo work, ship handling, crew management and the other areas they might delve into. I was proved right on both counts: my handling of collision regs was pristine and I bungled my ship-handling and seamanship.

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