Map of Sidi Ifni

Map of Sidi Ifni on I call the trading action pace of trading. I usually watch the stocks buy and sell on a Level 1 screen. I like to use RealTick 3 because it has a shadowing feature that enables me to see each trade on each stock by highlighting the symbol, trade size, Bid, and Ask. This shadowing feature is great to get a visual presentation on a number of stocks on my quote screen. When I watch the slower part of the day, I can easily see when one stock may be getting some extra momentum by the shadow quickening as trades begin to appear faster than what I had been seeing. This pace of trading is good to watch for individual stocks as well as the whole market. Many times you can spot unusual momentum by paying attention to quickened pace as it can signal waves of fresh buying or selling. Map of Sidi Ifni 2016.

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