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SEPT-VENTS – Map of Sept-Vents 14240 France

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SEPT-VENTS – Map of Sept-Vents 14240 France


When members of our family, friends or acquaintances tell us of the end of their marriage, there is often a certain ambiguity in our response. We do not always know how to react because it is difficult to assess their feelings. An abrupt and unexpected departure plainly provokes sympathy, support and condolences for the injured’ innocent party who did not, apparently, want their marriage to end, but what do we say to someone who announces their separation from a violent, alcoholic or bad-tempered, overbearing or nagging partner? While we may share someone’s joy in finding a potential new partner with whom they obviously have much more in common, it is impossible to ignore the past. Our contradictory responses to such announcements mirror the conflicting feelings experienced at the time by everyone involved.

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