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Map of Senanga on food, territory, jobs, wealth, power, and natural resources) and that this competition fuels prejudice and other antagonistic attitudes that lead to conflicts such as rivalries and warfare. Also called realistic conflict theory. reality monitoring see source MONITORING. reality principle in psychoanalytic theory, the regulatory mechanism that represents the demands of the external world and requires the individual to forgo or modify instinctual gratification or to postpone it to a more appropriate time.

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In contrast to the pleasure principle, which is posited to dominate the life of the infant and child and govern the id, or instinctual impulses, the reality principle is posited to govern the ego, which controls impulses and enables people to deal rationally and effectively with the situations of life. reality testing any means by which an individual determines and assesses his or her limitations in the face of biological, physiological, social, or environmental actualities or exigencies. It enables the individual to distinguish between self and nonself and between fantasy and real life. Map of Senanga 2016.

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