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nd millennium B.C. They quickly established a line of these posts along the route connecting the cities of Diyar-bakir, Malatya, Kayseri, Urfa and Adana. The trading centers were called Karums, and caravans of donkeys would bring goods and merchandise out of Assyria along these routes to sell* to the native Anatolians. These packtrains were often made up of as many as 200-250 animals. The main karum of the Assyrians was established at Kanesh, the site at Kiiltepe. It was here that the earliest written documents, scribed on cuneiform tablets, were uncovered. Since this was a major trading center, the majority of the tablets are of a commercial and legal nature. They record business transactions, dealings with, among others, the Hittites, and other important oc-curances during the great period of prosperity in Anatolia. The archaeological site at Kiiltepe incorporates two distinct sections: the mound of the ancient Karum, which rises twenty meters above the Kayseri plain, and the area of the lower trading cente

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