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Map of Schwerting on In another Iater place, the narrative voice tells the reader that Grace had refused Henry Grantly’s proposaI lest she should bring disgrace upon him (841). The word disgrace already appears in the passage 1 have just cted: Even if those touches and those tones and those glances had meant anything, aIl such meaning must be annihilated by this disgrace which had come upon her. The word disgrace also appears in many other places as a name for Grace’s feeling of being unfit for life as a gentlewoman, for example to continue her teaching or to marry Major Grantly. In representing Grace’s partial transparency to herself, Trollope has a delicate balance to keep. Modest Victorian maidens were not supposed to be aware of their beauty or intelligence and not supposed to have any pride in these. They were also supposed to be able to be in love without admitting to themselves that they were in love. They must wait until their Prince Charming condescends to wake them from their sleeping-beauty slumber. Map of Schwerting 2016.

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