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Map of Schonau an der Triesting on Tt is made ofa whole series of distinct thoughts, or rather memories that f»llow one another, linked by a then-f»r example, then ofhis children. He thinks of the an the circumstances ofhis past and present life, his education, his marriage, his children, dead and live, his ministry, his poverty, the low esteem in which he is held, as opposed to St. Paul, and, finally, of his present misery as a man accused unjustly of theft. Generally in such passages, Trollope’s characters are not just transparently present to themselves in the present. Their whole past lives are also transparently present to them, in a total simultaneous panoramic memory. Any detail of that whole may be called up spontaneously and without effort. Finally, this passage exemplifies that limitation of describing Trollope’s procedure as a species of the free indirect discourse 1 mentioned earlier. Map of Schonau an der Triesting 2016.

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