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Map of Sankt Paul on Other options include DSL, ADSL, ISDN, Satellite, and Frame Relay that may be open to you in your area. When you look into these options, find out how much the up-front capital requirement is, how much the service costs per month is, and how fast the optimal speed is when comparing it relative to price. You don’t need a T-1 line to trade stocks, but if you are going to put out an extra expense for something, get the fastest Internet hookup you can afford. With a 56K modem, inexperienced traders may not notice it, but when the volume of trades is heavy in the first few minutes of the market, it tends to backlog your quotes. This forces you to trade on information that is sometimes minutes behind what is really happening in the market. A solid, fast cable hookup will alleviate much of this and help level the playing field. CHAPTER 1 The Basics 7 TEAMFLY This page intentionally left blank 2C H A P T E R GETTING STARTED This chapter will examine the different education and teaching forums both available on the Internet, pointing out some of the benefits and common pitfalls and traps that await you. Map of Sankt Paul 2016.

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