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Map of Sankt Georgen bei Salzburg on During the last decades, the concept of carrying capacity has gained a broader perspective and is being more widely discussed, in particular with respect to a growing awareness of the upper limits of population, economy, and ecosystems. It is thus applied in several fields including biology, demography, applied and human ecology, agriculture and tourism. The main contribution of carrying capacity in applied and human ecology is as a political concept generally highlighting that exponential growth, and thus environmental pressures have to be curbed, explain Irmy Seidl and Clem Tisdell. The ecological footprint, originally co-developed by Wiliam E.

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Rees, has been suggested as an indicator of biophysical limits and sustainability, being defined as the corresponding area of productive land and aquatic ecosystems required to produce the resources used, and to assimilate the wastes produced, by a defined population at a 120 carrying capacity specific material standard of living, wherever on Earth that land may be located. Strengths and weaknesses of this indicator are differently perceived, as well as over- and underestimated. One strength consists in the conversion of typically complex resource use patterns to a single number” the equivalent land area required”and thus, allows for a ranking of the ecological impact of nations. Map of Sankt Georgen bei Salzburg 2016.

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