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Map of Samaxi on An unsuccessful liberal parliamentary candidate, Hirst shared some of his predecessors' prejudices, most notably over the issue of women's suffrage; but his expansion of the staff and his recruitment of a group of talented young writers helped to reverse The Economist's incipient ossification, and ensured that in the future it would not stray too far from the central ground of British politics. The outbreak of WORLD WAR I, indeed, found The Economist uncharacteristically occupying a position normally associated with the Left. Opposed both to the conflict itself, in which he could see no valid issue justifying British involvement, and to the undermining of cherished civil liberties by wartime emergency regulations, Hirst used the columns of his paper to conduct an outspoken campaign against the introduction, for the first time in British history, of compulsory military service. Such views were increasingly out of step with public opinion; and in 1916, Hirst was compelled to resign by the Board of Trustees, composed of James Wilson's descendants, in whose hands overall direction of the journal lay. Thenceforward, The Economist's opinions on the war remained entirely conventional, although upon the defeat of Germany it distinguished itself by criticizing the economic provisions of the Treaty of Versailles and speaking warmly of John Maynard KEYNES' Economic Consequences of the Peace.

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Between the world wars, The Economist was transformed from a family trust to a modern journal run on commercial lines. In 1926, a limited-liability company, The Economist Newspaper Ltd. Map of Samaxi 2016.

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