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Map of Saipan on In arguing for this, A. H. Krappe has echoed the wisdom of Wernicke in the words: Many of the most bitter controversies concerning the nature and origin of Apollon could have been avoided, had it been realized that the Apollon of the classical epoch is as much of a compound as was the Hellenic nation itself. From his connexion not only with the Hyperboreans but also with (a) singing swans and (b) amber, Krappe considers that Apollo had certainly absorbed something of a god from the Frisian North Sea coast.1 Possibly the Greeks of the archaic age identified such a god with their Apollo, but the Apollo of Homer is more likelv to have come from the East alone. What then of the Asiatic side? Its champions start from Apollo’s ancient epithet Lykios or Lykeios, which they say means Lycian, of Lycia in Asia Minor. The alternative is to interpret it as = Wolf-god, which was the interpretation of the Greeks themselves. Map of Saipan 2016.

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