Map of Saint Helens

Map of Saint Helens on In 2001, Nance was the subject of the film documentary, I Don’t Know Jack, directed by Chris Leavens. Perhaps fittingly, around Halloween 2001 Nance was posthumously recognized by Filmfest Kansas City with a best actor award for his work in the documentary. To date, Nance’s homicide remains open with little real hope that it will ever be solved. Further Reading I Don’t Know Jack [DVD. Directed by Chris Leavens. 91 minutes. [California?: Next Step Studios Had to Be Made Films, 2004. Map of Saint Helens 2016.

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I pondered on this, wondering whether to extend the fictitious insurance requirements to the loading of the spirits, or to give in and let the gang have a few bottles. If I refused to let them have anything, the gang might adopt the tactic of accidentally dropping a whole sling-load down the hatch from deck height, which would then allow them to pocket a few surviving bottles during the resulting clean-up. The best plan might be to neutralise the problem by agreeing to give them a few bottles once the loading was complete, thus guaranteeing they would work at double speed so they could get at it. This would avoid delay, avoid disruption and avoid breakages. I was mulling over my counter-attack when I noticed the Old Man coming down the port side ladder from the accommodation and starting to walk along the deck towards me.

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