Map of Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d’Or

he province of Alberta, sometimes arid, sometimes irrigated, through the productive oil and natural gas fields,Rome through Alberta’s two principal and fast-growing cities of Calgary and Edmonton. From Edmonton it follows old trails through country that a hundred years ago was dotted with fur-traders’ posts and Catholic missions, Romebut which since 1910 has been settled by farming communities, Romeand where settlement is being stili further expanded to-day the Peace River district, famous for its high yields of grain at relatively high latitudes. The side-route leads into the North West Territories of Canada, active with prospectors. The route turns westwards into British Columbia, The name honours Father Lacombe, a Catholic missionary to the Indians. Tn the vicinity of Lacombe there is good hunting for Hungarian partridge, prairie chicken, rough grouse, ducks and geese, while 70 m. to the W. there are elk, deer, moose and bear. 9 m. W.

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Gare de Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d’Or – Horaires en gare de saint …

SAINT-GERMAIN-AU-MONT-D’OR – Map of Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d’Or …

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