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Map of Ruaudin on Defeat at the hands of Western imperialism led to the Hundred-Days Reform. Kang Youwei, a Confucian scholar, and other reform-minded Chinese intellectuals succeeded in persuading the Emperor to carry out a comprehensive reform. In a hundred days from June to September 1898, Emperor Guang Xu issued reform edicts including restructuring government institutions, changing criteria in civil service exams, establishing modern schools, promoting new ways for economic development, and encouraging international cultural exchanges. The reform met with tremendous opposition from officials in the central and provincial administrations. It was finally suppressed by the Empress Dowager Ci Xi when she put the Emperor under house arrest, executed some of the reform leaders, and took control of the government.

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Groundwork of communism. The failure of the reform movement and the continued worsening of conditions opened ways for more radical changes. Map of Ruaudin 2016.

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