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Map of Royal Park on Franklin was one of the few American statesmen who could see the advantages of a government that provided order and security as well as freedom of movement, speech, belief, and work. Most of the founders of the American republic, it is true, were less supportive of democracy, fearing the disorder and possible anarchy of a people who exercised influence over the government without control. This was the theme of James MADISON's famous Federalist Paper 10, in which he argued against a democracy that would yield a tyranny of the majority, supporting instead a republican government of important, if controlled, freedoms. Madison, who wrote the draft of the U.S. Constitution, was joined by Alexander HAMILTON in rejecting the first government of the United States, the Articles of Confederation, which allowed too many freedoms to states, localities, and individuals”for example freedom to determine the rules of interstate and international commerce. Under the Constitution, Congress has the power to regulate interstate and international commerce, which to some was an undue restriction imposed on the capitalistic inclinations of early Americans. Map of Royal Park 2016.

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