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Map of Rosenbach on A community is relatively small, with a sense of immediacy or locality. Williams stresses the affective aspect of the word and its performative power: Community can be the warmly persuasive word to describe an existing set of relationships, or the warmly persuasive word to describe an alternative set of relationships. What Williams meant by community is developed more circumstantially in The Country and the City, especially in Chapters 10, 16, and 18 of that book: Enclosures, Commons and Communities, Knowable Communities, and Wessex and the Border.2 The last two are on George Eliot and Thomas Hardy, respectively. Williams does not wholly admire George Eliot, nor Jane Austen, whereas Hardy gets his more or less complete approval. What is the difference? Jane Austen, says Williams, had been prying and analytic, but into a limited group of people in their relations with each other (168). Eliot, according to Williams, was, like Jane Austen before her, more or less limited in her comprehension of people to members of the gentry. Map of Rosenbach 2016.

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