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Map of Roost on The heavy metal band released two albums in 1985 (Machine of War and Satan’s Revenge) prior to recording in less than four hours the genre’s wellregarded Unholy Death for $400 in late 1985. Released on January 28, 1986 on Dutch East India’s Pentagram Records (later LSR), the album featured tracks like Evil Dead, Acid Reign, Speed Kilz, and Louder Than Hell. Strue – bing, the guitarist and acknowledged driving force behind N.M.E. (a.k. Map of Roost 2016.

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Wellington sits at the bottom end of North Island and was nicknamed Windy Wellington by the sailors because of the strong winds that blow in along the Cook Strait. The place was named after Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, he of the Battle of Waterloo fame. The crew encountered problems with a Maori gang in Wellington. The Maoris are the indigenous people of New Zealand, a warlike Polynesian race. After the Europeans started to settle en masse in the eighteenth century, tension developed with the Maoris, and a series of armed conflicts took place, known as the Maori Wars.

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