Map of Riverina

Map of Riverina on Obviously, not every trade will yield a profit, but the trends will be followed and the profits built up over time should outweigh the losses being taken in catching that trend. However, there is that fear of the reappearance of the ego, the idea that nothing can hurt you and this can lead to reckless trading again. I’ve often found myself trading very well at certain times, but I’ve had to almost step back and ask myself if this is just too much at one time. I’ve had to beat my ego back into submission to keep my concentration on the markets, to enjoy the game of trading rather than the rewards it was bringing me. I know that if I get out of control, the market will find its way to retake the profits that I had just made. I don’t know if I’ve ever been too aggressive in the market, but I’m aware of the troubles that it can cause when I’m losing aggressively, as well as profiting aggressively. Obviously, the latter I can deal with better, but I must be aware to keep my mind clear on why I was profiting in this manner so as not to clutter the reasons for this progress and not end its ability to keep me going in this direction. Map of Riverina 2016.

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