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Map of Risan (Risano) on If a conspiracy existed then the physical evidence (the glove, the knit cap, the blood and hair) could be explained as police plants. Even if they could not, it could perhaps be demonstrated that the collection of the DNA evidence was so incompetent as to rule it unreliable and therefore useless. To determine how their respective theories of the case might play out in front of a jury, both the defense and prosecution conducted test focus groups. This procedure took on crucial importance in lieu of Gil Garcetti’s decision to try the case downtown where the jury pool would contain more blacks (based on the county’s African-American population) rather than in the predominantly white county of Santa Monica where the courtroom had been damaged by the Northridge earthquake. The mock juries were instructive and boded well for the prosecution. Blacks as a whole felt O.J. Map of Risan (Risano) 2016.

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