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Map of Reichenau on A somewhat lurid and violent background story of being thrown down, then lost and suffering a faH (as in the fall of Man), gets told by these terms, however neutral and philosophical Heidegger wants them to be. Here is part of Heidegger’s powerfully ironie description ofwhat it means to be lost in the they. It cornes in paragraph 27, the title of which is translated as Everyday Being-one’s-5elfand the They (Das alltagliche 5elbstsein und das Man) (BT, 163; 5Z, 126): We have shown earlier how in the environment which lies closest to us, the public environment [Umwelt already is ready-to-hand and is also a matter of concern [mitbesorgt. In utilizing public means of transport and in making use of information services su ch as the newspaper, every Other is like the next.1his Being-with-one-another [Miteinandersein dissolves one’s own Dasein completely into the kind of Being of the Others, in such a way, indeed, that the Others, as distinguishable and explicit, vanish more and more. In this inconspicuousness and unascertainability, the real dictatorship of the they is unfolded. [ln dieser UnaufJalligkeit und Nichtfeststellbarkeit entfaltet das Man seine eigentliche Diktatur. Map of Reichenau 2016.

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