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Map of Pressbaum on 50 from the high of 45 to go long off, if the market looks strong. If the stock makes a pullback bottom somewhere near this level, I will look for a move back over 44 to near 44.25. I don’t expect a new high to be made, and I want reasonable potential and safety. Therefore, if I see a good move up off near 43.50 and it clears 44, I will more than likely exit near 44.25 when I want to, not when I have to. Map of Pressbaum 2016.

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I wanted something where I could be home within a few hours if need be. The cross-channel ferries were out of reach; there was always a waiting list because newly married deep sea officers were forever seeking a berth that was more conducive to domestic life. I tried for a job on a waste disposal boat, carrying hundreds of tons of toilet effluent up the Thames to dump it out in the estuary, where it hopefully wouldn’t float back into the beaches near Southend. All the waste boats were all full up, though, with a long waiting list: constipated with ships officers so to speak. A couple of coastal tankers offered me work, but I had resolved not to sail on another tanker and I wanted to stick by that.

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