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Map of Pram on Thus it came to pass that 1 was always going about with sorne castle-in-the-air firmly buiIt within my mind. Nor were these efforts in architecture spasmodic, or subject to constant change from day to day. For weeks, for months, ifI remember rightly, from year to year 1 would carry on the same tale, binding myself down to certain laws, to certain proportions and proprieties and unities. Nothing impossible was ever introduced,-nor even anything which from outward circumstances would seem to be violently improbable. 1 was myself of course my own hero. Such is a necessity of castle-building. But 1 never became a king, or a duke,-much less, when my height and personal appearance were fixed, would 1 be an Antinous, or six feet high. Map of Pram 2016.

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