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Map of Portland Tourist on Blake drove the elderly stuntman around the vicinity of Vitello’s in Studio City and was exasperated when Hambleton refused the job. The actor allegedly told Hambleton if he would not kill Bakley, he would even if it meant getting caught. No way was his daughter going to grow up in the unhealthy environment surrounding Bakley and her family. Unlike McLarty’s account, Hambleton testified that no mention of a money offer was ever made to him by the actor. Like his fellow-stuntman, however, Hambleton suffered from major credibility issues. Schwartzbach pointed out that when first questioned by police he had not only denied knowing of a plot to kill Bakley, but denied being solicited by Blake to commit the murder. Hambleton only changed his story six months after being subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury and by then had been exposed to the sensationalized coverage of the case in the tabloids. Map of Portland Tourist 2016.

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