Map of Port Curtis

Map of Port Curtis on As Ronnie descended into alcoholism, even welcoming her weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as a way to escape the mansion if only for an afternoon, Spector’s own out of control drinking resulted in bizarre and embarrassing public incidents. In January 1972, Spector was arrested at a club in L.A. for pointing a gun at a woman. He was cited for conspicuous carelessness, fined $200, placed on one year probation, and ordered not to possess any dangerous weapons. Following a brutal physical confrontation in the mansion with her drunken husband, Ronnie filed for divorce on June 12, 1972. The marriage was dissolved in 1974 with Ronnie walking away with only $50,000 in community property, no interests in any of Spector’s businesses, and $2,500 a month spousal support for three years. Map of Port Curtis 2016.

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