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Map of Pooraka on By the time Smith died of an accidental drug overdose on February 11, 2007, she had long been dismissed as an entertainment joke. Dorothy Stratten, however, was different. From the time Dorothy R.Hoogstraten first traveled from her home in Vancouver, British Columbia to Los Angeles in August 1978, until she was renamed as Dorothy Stratten and met her mind-numbingly tragic death in August 1980, hers was a life and career moving towards personal happiness and professional legitimacy.

Remark – ably unaffected, undeniably beautiful, and eagerly willing to work to develop her talent, Dorothy Stratten held the potential to become a legitimate actress if only she could have escaped her past.

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Born Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten in Vancou – ver, British Columbia on February 28, 1960, her father deserted the family in 1963 leaving her to be raised with a brother (and later a sister, Louise) by her mother. In June 1974, the 14-year-old took a job at the counter of a local Dairy Queen and was still there working her way through high school when Paul Leslie Snider, 25, entered the restaurant in October 1977.

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