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I were made more than welcome at me mother’s … but I felt a bit sorry for me parents … why should they have my troubles … they’ve brought their family up and got them off their hands … so I were glad when I met Jean [his second wife].


Many divorced people experience serious and prolonged ill-health at some time during the period between the first hints of serious problems and the time when they feel they are finally over the worst. For those who see themselves as taking the initiative, whose hopes and intentions are directing them towards ending their marriage, the stress tends to be greatest while they are still making up their minds. They may have difficulty eating or sleeping normally and find themselves smoking and drinking more than usual. During this period of indecision many people find it difficult or impossible to work properly. Mr Moseley, one of the divorcees in the Sheffield study who took a long time deciding whether to leave his wife, told us how he

lost … I don’t know … about two stone in weight. I couldn’t sleep very well and I didn’t really feel like eating at times … I found it difficult to concentrate … I had a lot of headaches. Obviously I got further behind with me paperwork, so I had to bring it home but it didn’t always seem to work.

Like many women in her situation, Mrs Chapman suffered greatly with her nerves and was given tranquillizers by her doctor:

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